[kde-community] Greetings Everyone

Valentin Rusu valir at kde.org
Mon Oct 5 19:59:58 BST 2015

* Tanzim Rizwan <imrizwan77 at ymail.com> [2015-10-05 03:30:08 +0000]:

> Thanks Thomas,Actually at this time I don't know too much about kde projects, so please help me with a easy project of kde. Help me with the mailing list and tell me the next steps.Tanzim

You may want to compile KDE from sources:

I wouldn't recommend compiling Qt5 from sources though. Just use the
system's packages and skip to the corresponding section.

Afterwards, pick the application you like, goto bugs.kde.org and try
fixing its bugs. Once you get a bug fixed, then just submit it to the
review board - or better contact that project's maintainer for further
instructions, as some projects may have moved to Phabricator meanwhile.

Good luck!

Valentin Rusu
IRC: valir

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