[kde-community] Trying to schematize the discussion on github

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Sun Sep 20 13:31:16 UTC 2015


I feel like the threads on github are becoming a little bit unordered. This is 
my attempt to re-organize the key concepts, concerns and positions (please 
pardon me in advance if I didn't understand all the positions correctly). 
Please answer if you have additional positions, but let's try to keep it 
ordered, at least by numbers.

1) Github is a promotional channel for KDE. This is why we want to have a 
mirror on it.

This was part of the original proposal, and I think it's a point on which most 
people agreed. We're exposing our software to the "social network for 
hackers", a target in which we are interested.

2) Pull requests are already open and not disableable.

The real problem is how to answer to them. I see emerging a few positions 

2.1) Answer them automatically with a bot rejecting it and saying "sorry, we 
do not allow pull requests, if you want to contribute please re-submit it to 

2.2) People who think that 2.1 is a communication mistake, and would like to 
take the work and apply the patch on git.kde.org (in case it's good or trivial 
changes, e.g. fixing spelling mistakes), putting it on reviewboard otherwise 
and encouraging the user to follow-up there. They are not advocating moving 
code review on Github, and are actually explicitly against that.

2.3) An "in-between" position. People who would create an automated bot that 
can take the pull request, submit it to reviewboard automatically 
(indipendently of the size/complexity of the patch), and report this process 
to the pull requestor. They also don't want code reviews on github.

3) Other github usages.

3.1) By enabling pull requests it is possible to get additional funding for 
development. It would be nice to use them in order to access these resources.

3.2) All the other github features should be banned.

I hope I managed to represent all your positions and points open to 
discussion, please add a numbered point if I didn't. I am personally for 2.3 
and leaning towards 3.1. I am sorry for opening yet another thread, but I feel 
that after hundreds of e-mail we need a little bit of re-organization...


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