[kde-community] Write our own pull request bot?

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Sat Sep 19 17:32:46 UTC 2015

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 01:17:18 PM Martin Klapetek wrote:
> To further expand on the idea, the workflow would be as follows:
> * bot looks through our repos
> * bot finds a pull request
> * bot downloads the diff between requested branch and mirror HEAD
> * bot uploads it to phabricator as any other patch
> * bot posts message to github "Thanks for your patch, in KDE we use
> phabricator for reviewing and merging patches, so your pull request was
> posted here <link>. If you want to follow it through, please continue the
> discussion at <link>. Thanks a lot for your contribution!"
> * contributor follows on phabricator

I would say that is amazing!

Trick the user into making a quick fix+pull request (standard workflow for 
him) and we automagically import his work in our infrastructure, ready for 
review. "Woo" from his side and moral obbligation to get a KDE account. :D

I love it.


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