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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 06:54:18 UTC 2015

On Monday 17 August 2015 07:46:44 Martin Graesslin wrote:
> Hi community,
> over the last months I observed the following:
> * people not finding our git repositories
> * people being surprised that our code is not on github
> * some projects starting to use github in addition to our own
> infrastructure
> Whether we like it or not, github has become a place to look for free
> software nowadays and if you are not on github your software just doesn't
> exist. Given that we can say KDE doesn't produce source code because we
> are not on github.
> Other projects have an official mirror (see e.g. [1]) which solves the
> three points I have listed above.
> I suggest that we:
> * introduce an official mirror for all KDE repositories on github
> * replace all existing (non-official) clones
> * disallow pull-requests on github to not replace our development model by
> a proprietary platform.

I'd say the main benefit of Github is that it makes it easy for the many 
developers used to it to do a pull request - effectively widening our 
potential contributor base. Some might send in one or two minor pull 
requests, not being interested in becoming regular contributors, others might 
be convinced, after a few patches, to join KDE and then get on our 

Why make people first join a mailing list and/or go through other hoops 
before we allow them to help make KDE better? 

Of course, you can leave it up to individual sub projects if they're 
interested in more contributions or not.

> Comments?
> Cheers
> Martin
> [1] https://github.com/GNOME

Everything I do and say is based on my view of the world today. I am not 
responsible for changes in the world, nor my view on it. Everything I say is 
meant in a positive and friendly way, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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