[kde-community] kde-community Digest, Vol 25, Issue 4

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Sat Apr 18 07:57:39 UTC 2015

On Friday 17 April 2015 20:08:25 Agustin Benito wrote:
> Hi,
> I support Alex here. That feature is a good one and I have used in the past
> many times.

With my X11 and Wayland hat on, I can only advice to *not* add it again. I'm 
sorry it won't work on Wayland (doesn't have a concept of SubWindows) and on 
X11 it's hardly used any more. It's a relict from the time before everybody 
used "alien" widgets [1]. Qt 5's xcb backend does not create non-alien widgets 
any more. Sure it's always possible to be extremely hacky and force X11 
windows for your widgets, but that has a huge cost on performance side and on 
portability (such an application won't work on Wayland for example). For 
QtQuick it's obviously completely impossible as there are no widgets any more.

Personally I'm unhappy that KSnapshot still exposes this feature, although it 
does not work for any application a little bit more complex than xterm (or 
stuck in the last millennium).


[1] http://blog.qt.io/blog/2007/08/09/qt-invaded-by-aliens-the-end-of-all-flicker/
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