[kde-community] I've Joined the Game!

Jason Alan Smith Jason.Smith at qualityaddict.org
Sun Oct 26 23:41:10 GMT 2014

Dear KDE Community,

   A few days ago I donated a small sum in much appreciation of 
everyone's hard work and dedication to the beautiful KDE project. Today 
I "Joined the Game" with a quarterly donation. If it's possible, I want 
to setup a small monthly donation as well via PayPal.

   Without burdening everyone with too much detail, I want to share that 
I've used GNU/Linux and KDE for brief periods throughout the previous 
thirteen years, and I've had the pleasure of witnessing KDE grow to what 
it has become today. I am finally in a position to start my own Open 
Source project, and I have two additional ideas specifically intended to 
become KDE applications.

   Thank you to everyone that has played a part in making KDE what it is 
today. Your effort is much appreciated. :)


   Jason Smith

    E-mail: Jason.Smith at qualityaddict.org
   Twitter: https://twitter.com/aQualityAddict
    Weblog: http://qualityaddict.org/weblog/

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