[kde-community] Considerations for teams and mentors, re: SoK & GCi

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 06:59:39 BST 2014

We were delayed beginning Season of KDE this year, so it will be
running in close to the same time-frame as Google Code-in, however,
they are very different.

Season of KDE (SoK) lasts 3 months, and is for students and others (no
age limits, and no schooling requirement), and thus should be one
larger project. Mentors for SoK should be prepared to be helpful for
some months, but there is little need to be immediately available.

In contrast, Google Code-In is for high school students, and each task
should be small. The students must be able to complete each task in
less than a day, so perhaps something you would be able to do in an
hour or two. Mentors should be available daily at least, to check
whether or not one of their tasks is being claimed, help the student
if necessary, and check out the student's work in a timely way. They
will want to be onto the next task quickly.

Please consider which of these mentoring activities might be a good
fit for you and your team. It is certainly possible to do both, and
some will do neither. There is always a balancing necessary between
bringing in new contributors and keeping our mentors happy and

If you do decide to participate in SoK and/or GCi, please:

1. Subscribe to the KDE-Soc-Mentor list, and ping one of the admins if
your sub request isn't acted on yet

2. Hang out in the #kde-soc channel on IRC, and

3. Gather and formulate your task ideas

 * SoK: https://community.kde.org/SoK/Ideas/2014 - talk to prospective
students now

 * GCi: Google form & spreadsheet coming soon; until then read
   - https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/resources/mentor-and-orgadmin-info

All the best,

Valorie, for the SoK & GCi admins


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