[kde-community] Make the World a Better Place! - KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Wed Oct 22 20:36:41 BST 2014


On Tuesday 14 October 2014 21:34:28 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> As we approach the end of the year we begin the season of giving. What would
> suit the holiday better than giving to the entire world?
> Here is a unique way to give back to KDE allowing us to keep giving free
> software to humankind.
> By participating in this fundraiser, you'll be part of the improvements
> we'll put into our educational software, so kids can have better tools for
> school; our office suite, so we have the best tools for the workplace; and
> our desktop so we can all experience a fun and productive experience when
> interacting with our computers.
> Donating to KDE is not for you, it is for the entire world.
> As a way to say thank you, starting with € 30 we will send a KDE themed
> postcard to any given address. You will get an extra card for every
> additional € 10 donation. Get cards for yourself and for your family and
> friends to show them you care for freedom. It's the perfect way to spread
> the festive cheer and donate to your favorite project at the same time.
> More at https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/yearend2014/

today came the thought to me that we also could send this mail to all users 
that once wrote a comment in http://bugs.kde.org. There, we have lots (how 
many????) of users that at least were in touch with KDE through the bug 
tracker, and since quite a lot of bugs do get fixed, quite a lot of these 
users might even be happy users and willing to donate to KDE :-)

What do you think about this? Maybe we could reach thousands of KDE users
this way?


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