[kde-community] Proposal Two: The Sigma Release Days and independent releases

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Tue May 13 16:17:43 UTC 2014

Good morning

It's now a bit more than "one or two" weeks but I finally found the time and 
energy to summarize the discussion threads of my proposal emails. And here is 
the first one (always start with the small ones ;-).

There were just two people who wrote their opinion and I'd like to summarize 
their emails like:

- Albert: discussion more for promo/marketing people, too much work for all 
the individual releases and freezes
- Aleix: agrees with Albert, it's promo work, let them decide

I hope you guys can agree with my extractions otherwise just shout at me ;-).

And I can agree with their opinions. Let's close this discussion here and move 
it to kde-promo or the markting list at a later point in time.

Best regards

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