[kde-community] Proposal Tre: More formal release and announcement processes

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Tue Apr 22 10:37:33 BST 2014

Proposal: To make the release and announcement process smoother and less 
redundant work and to reach more people we should formalize and script some 
(more) of the processes involved.

In the last weeks and months we had a plethora of releases and announcements. 
Just take a look at the dot or the kde-announce mailing list [1]. And this 
number of releases, announcements and promo work will even more increase with 
a growing KDE community with new projects coming to us and being created 
within KDE. So we need to do something about it.

One idea are the Sigma release days/weeks proposed in another emails where we 
try to focus timewise. But we could and should as well formalize the processes 
that lead the way to a release and finally the announcement of this release. A 
first step could be the write it down in a simple way (not a whole book but a 
simple check list) and at a central and well-known place how projects, suites 
and single apps could get a release and some announcement of this.

An example for this could be (not yet complete and thus WIP):
- Use the release scripts from <repo> to create the tarball and l10n stuff
- Upload it to <place> and file a sysadmin ticket to publish it on <siteA>
- Fill in the form on <siteB> with a list of links to blog posts about this 
release, a link to fixed bugs, 5 to 10 lines of text about what's new and 
important and a list of screenshots or pictures
- Check the box that everything is green on build.kde.org for your software
- Propose a release date or week
- Name a single contact person for the promo team

Next steps:
- Check and/or write these release scripts.
- Check and/or write these l10n scripts.
- Agree on a formal process for release and announcement
- Work on the form mentioned above.
- Write down what happens on a release day from the promo perspective

Now please tell me your opinion in a short, constructive and polite way. 
Details can be discussed in Randa and/or at Akademy. So let's concentrate on 
the bigger ideas.

Thanks and best regards

[1] https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-announce

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