[kde-community] Proposal Two: The Sigma Release Days and independent releases

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Thu Apr 24 10:12:39 UTC 2014

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 11:33 AM, Mario Fux <kde-ml at unormal.org> wrote:

> Proposal: Offer the possibility for the suites/groups of apps to release
> independently and make two, three or more release days ("Sigma" as the
> greek
> symbol for the sum) per year where and when we make big promo for KDE
> software.
> Details:
> Promo wise it could make sense to still have some release days where and
> when
> we release and announce some of our apps and software together and in a big
> way. Suites, groups and single KDE projects could decide on their own to
> participate on such an event. (See for a formalization of the release and
> announcement process in a next proposal).
> So Sigma (or what other name) would be a cumulative release and
> announcement
> day and with discussions like this one [1] it should once and for all be
> clear
> that there is no and will never be a "KDE5" and that "Sigma != KDE" (and
> no, I
> don't really believe that all the discussions will end, but that's ok ;-).
> Here are some fictive examples for such Sigma days/weeks:
> - Sigma in July 2014 includes KDE Core Apps 5.0, KF5 5.0, Plasma 2014.6,
> Calligra 2.9 and Amarok 3.0
> - Sigma in January 2015 includes KDE Core Apps for Desktop 5.1, KDE Core
> Apps
> for Tablet 5.0, Plasma 2014.12, Digikam 4.4 and KDE Edu 5.2
> - Sigma in July 2015 includes KDE Core Apps for Desktop 5.2, KF5 5.2,
> Plasma
> Active 5, Bodega 1.0 and KDE PIM 5.1
> And in between we've independent releases of Plasma, KDE PIM, Amarok, etc.
> with or without some promo.
> Next steps:
> - Rhythm of Sigma: How often do we do such a Sigma day/week? Every 6 or 4
> months?
> - Should it be a week or a day?
> - How should we call it?
> Now please tell me your opinion in a short, constructive and polite way.
> Details can be discussed in Randa and/or at Akademy. So let's concentrate
> on
> the bigger ideas.
> Thanks and best regards
> Mario
> [1] https://plus.google.com/+JosPoortvliet/posts/EZvEsvGYTZf
> And please don't discuss "KDE" branding here. The above link provides some
> very good explanations why "KDE" is since years the people and not the
> software.
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I agree with Albert that this is mostly a promo stance and I think that
promo should do it the way that suits them better. I always want that the
contributors working with me are comfortable with the way of working and in
this case I think that if promo wants it this way, then go for it.

I could argue that it could be weird if a distribution is released before
the Sigma release, they could start advertising the new features before we
do, but then this means that we have a distribution taking very good care
of KDE and that's good as well.

>From a KDE Edu point of view for instance, having non-synchronized releases
is not solving any problem, but I know that other projects really need
this, so this indeed does fix technical management problems and hopefully
helps promo too.

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