[kde-community] Proposals for dealing with bad behavior

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 12:44:52 UTC 2013

Dear all,

At Akademy, Valery, Peter and myself organized a BoF session about conflict 
handling. Valery wanted to discuss the situation around mailing list- and IRC 
moderation; I had a proposal for those few cases (just a handful in the 
history of our community) when things really go out of hand.

I've updated the wiki page with the notes. You can find there two proposals:

One to essentially set up a communication channel for the IRC, Forum and 
Mailing List moderators; and urge them to come up with some kind of process 
and/or documentation for dealing with unpleasant behavior.

The second, the 'stormy day' scenario, is a proposal from myself to allow the 
CWG to deny people who are unwilling to adapt their behavior to our community 
access to our infrastructure; initially for a two-week cool-down period but at 
some point for much longer periods.


We would appreciate your feedback. The first step (the communication channel 
for moderators) is already in the process of being executed; the second 
proposal will need to be discussed and vote don by the e.V. membership. 
However, I'd like to invite everybody, members and non-members alike, to 
comment upon it.

Oh and from the others who were present at the BoF, besides a thank you, a 
request: please check if it is complete and accurate! I might have missed 

Greetings and hugs,
Jos Poortvliet
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