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Gary Greene greeneg at tolharadys.net
Tue Jun 4 05:26:37 UTC 2013

On 1 May 2013, at 05:37PM, Jure Repinc <jlp at holodeck1.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I'm Jure Repinc (JLP on IRC, JRepin on identi.ca/twitter) and live in 
> Slovenia. KDE and GNU/Linux came into my life in 1999. My contribution to KDE 
> started in 2003 when I began helping with translation into Slovenian.
> Nowadays I'm still helping with translation and I'm also the guy who tries to 
> post news about cool stuff happening in KDE community to our social media 
> outlets and on other news sites. Here and there I also contribute a patch and 
> I regularly test alpha/beta releases of KDE software. When I get (or create 
> :)) the opportunity I also present and promote KDE community and our creations 
> to other people here in Slovenia.
> Have a great time,
> Jure Repinc
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I seem to be a tad late in chiming in on this thread....

I'm Gary Greene, a long-time KDE supporter in the SF Bay area and sometimes dev on various projects surrounding Linux on the desktop/notebook, etc. In most of these cases, the projects where either using KDE 3 or SC 4, or were ancillary and utilised the tech and underlying frameworks. Because of this, I've gained a love for the project, both the tech, and the people whom make it one of the most open and inviting F/OSS projects around.

My day job consists of being the senior Linux/Mac/UNIX SysOp at an IP TV middleware company. As my work has taken more and more of my time, sadly, my involvement with KDE and F/OSS has wilted. I've been trying to get back into it little by little with my ongoing work on a very different concept to the current Linux distributions for end users, but we'll see if my spare cycles hold up.

Gary L. Greene, Jr.
AltimatOS Dev and UNIX SysAdmin.

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