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星期一 十一月 24 15:38:31 CET 2008

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Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 2:16 PM
Subject: mac packages need testin' yo.
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The rc1 paclages need testers on the following platforms
10.4 intel: http://illogic-al.org/files/Amarok2_Beta_intel.dmg
10.4 ppc: http://illogic-al.org/files/Amarok2_Beta_ppc.dmg
10.5 intel: http://illogic-al.org/files/Amarok2_Beta_intel.dmg
10.5 ppc: http://illogic-al.org/files/Amarok2_Beta_ppc.dmg

If they install and amarok starts up, success. Anything not working
beyond that probably isn't my fault (but let me know nonetheless)
We _really_ need people on ppc and 10.4 to give these a try.

And THEY'RE ONLY 71 MB. You can download FOUR of these in the time in
took to get the last package.

Also: installer could do with some pimped out Amarok artwork. Any takers?
P.S. send replies to amarok at kde.org not me, i plan on being missing for a
P.P.S. Don't link these to digg, etc. they'll be public soon enough.

All your gmail are belong to us.
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Peter ZHOU
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