Questions about cross compiling for ARM / CMake issues

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Mon Feb 27 15:26:53 UTC 2012

2012/2/27 Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
> On 27.02.12 15:22:18, Samuel Stirtzel wrote:
>> 2012/2/27 Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
>> > On 27.02.12 14:53:33, Samuel Stirtzel wrote:
>> >> Thanks for your answer.
>> >>
>> >> Here the complete line with verbose=1:
>> >
>> > Ok, so the absolute path to kdecore&Co is wrong. Hmm, makes me wonder
>> > wether kdelibs supports cross-compilation at all...
>> IMHO it is between supporting cross compiling and not supporting it
>> (aka. there is something but it won't work out of the box).
>> >> From what I discovered, it is likely that
>> >> KDELibs4LibraryTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake could be responsible, but
>> >> where is this file created?
>> >
>> > Thats generated as part of the kdelbis build, I believe by cmake (look
>> > for install(EXPORT...) lines). Which cmake version are you using?
>> CMake version 2.8.5
> You could try with a more recent version of CMake, i.e. 2.8.7. At least
> the release changelog for 2.8.7 has various cross-compiling related
> entryies.

It is unlikely that kdelibs has parts of a this recent CMake version
included, since most parts of the cross compiling support seem to be
older than 2 years.
Since I am not the CMake maintainer (of OpenEmbedded), and also have
only limited CMake experience, I will try that one out last.

> Hmm, do you have multiple of these targets-files installed on your
> system? Maybe your build picks up the wrong one hence gets the wrong
> paths? The KDELibs4LibraryTargets.cmake file should be used in
> FindKDE4Internal.cmake to setup the imported targets, add some message()
> calls there to see which one is being picked up.

The files exist in the hosts sysroot too, but I already checked that,
they are not used.
For now I will see if changing the
KDELibs4LibraryTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake works, and how to alter
the method they are created.

> Andreas
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