Questions about cross compiling for ARM / CMake issues

Samuel Stirtzel s.stirtzel at
Mon Feb 27 16:24:16 UTC 2012

2012/2/27 Samuel Stirtzel <s.stirtzel at>:
> The files exist in the hosts sysroot too, but I already checked that,
> they are not used.
> For now I will see if changing the
> KDELibs4LibraryTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake works, and how to alter
> the method they are created.

Changing the paths there will circumvent the problem.
When the paths point to the staging sysroot of the device, the right
library will be picked up.

For now this will be done with a patch written to the file after
kdelibs has been built, however this is just a workaround.
But since the files get exported there seems no easy solution to this,
or could the KDELibs4LibraryTargets-relwithdebinfo.cmake file be
created with different paths?


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