Decibel cmake module

Maciej Mrozowski reavertm at
Fri Dec 5 05:04:03 CET 2008


I'm attaching a bit more robust FindDecibel cmake module. Some Kubuntu 
developer (if guess correctly) on kopete-devel reported problems regarding 
Decibel cmake module and proposed patch that, that works for his distribution. 
Well, just removing NO_DEFAULT_PATH from find_library is hardly a patch, so 
I've made pkg-config aware cmake module. It's compatible with previous version 
(the same variable set), with the difference that it uses pkg-config for all 
Decibel submodules (QtTapioca, QtTelepathyClient and for Decibel as well). As 
Decibel links dynamically to both QtTapioca and QtTelepahyClient,  
LIBRARY_DIRS of those two may be actually redundant, but I decided to leave 
the choice for you - anyway in FindDecibel there are in fact three separate 
modules. Btw I noticed that many of code I copy/pasted there could be actually 
pulled to some cmake macro for easier maintenance in the future as many libs 
have pkg-config entries, nearly all of them can be distinguished by some 
header files and most of them are supposed to return variables with the same 
naming scheme (module_FOUND, module_INCLUDE_DIRS, module_LIBRARIES, 
module_LIBRARY_DIRS, it's not the rule unfortunately). For hints what could be 
parametrized, please look at attached module.
(this has not been tested on windows)
Btw, I'm new addition to family of kde4-live package maintainers in Gentoo 
(you know Sput already), so probably expect some more stuff in a future as 
we're left to test some corner cases ;)


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