New target import

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue Dec 2 07:52:48 CET 2008

Alexander Neundorf schrieb:
> On Monday 01 December 2008, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just tried the new exporting mechanism in kdelibs trunk and I found
>> out that although the KDE libraries now don't have a fixed path anymore,
>> the Qt Libraries still have. Attached is an example.
> It's all libraries which are in the "link interface", which are mostly Qt 
> libs, but I also saw e.g. kdewin32.
> These paths come from the full paths for the libraries used in 
> target_link_libraries().
> I see the problem, but I'm not quite sure what to do about it.
> Some postprocessing ?
> What would you like to have exactly ?
> I mean, these libraries could be located anywhere, completely independent from 
> the place where kde will be installed. 
For that case we had defined the following xxx_INSTALL_DIR variables in 
      # on win32 the install dir is determined on runtime not install time
      # KDELIBS_INSTALL_DIR and QT_INSTALL_DIR are used in 
KDELibsDependencies.cmake to setup
      # kde install paths and library dependencies

May be by defining a kind of search/replace table, which could be used 
by the  target import file generation like

LIST (APPEND lookup_table "<search>=<replace>")

which means for the mentioned path

LIST (APPEND lookup_table "C:/root-unstable=\${QT_INSTALL_DIR}")

<command-for-creating-import-target-file>(.... ${lookup_table})


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