wildcards in DEPENDS

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Mon Dec 1 14:49:56 CET 2008

> With these numbers I'm slightly in favor of using the one-automoc-target
> per target approach (with a bit of cmake logic we could do this without
> requiring the newer automoc4 version).

Alright, I see that the extra-target version is faster at make time. Since 
with cmake 2.6 running cmake is faster already there goes anther argument. My 
last argument for custom_command is that make target/fast would run automoc, 
but this can be helped by a little helper script that turns "make foo/fast" 
into "make foo_automoc/fast foo/fast"...

I'll come up with a patch to keep compatibility where possible but switch to 
automoc targets when possible.

> P.S. some time ago you removed some code in automoc which did something in
> multiple parallel processes. Was this for running multiple moc's at once ?


> Hmm, now that I have 4 cores I could make good use of that :-)
> We could try to figure out the number of CPUs (e.g. using sysconfig()), and
> then run that much mocs. Do you know whether the problem might be fixed in
> current Qt ?

When you call make -j5 then it can happen that you get 5 concurrently running 
automoc4 processes. The extra parallelization inside automoc4 isn't really 
necessary and for unexplainable reasons broke on FreeBSD and some other 

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