CheckFunWithKdefakeImpl not working?

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue Nov 8 22:29:14 CET 2005

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Benjamin Reed schrieb:

> tnagyemail-mail at wrote:
>> rm -rf .sconf_temp cache build && look in .sconf_temp for the
>> results.
>> I will have a look tonight.
> ugh, ok, I apparently completely missed the entirely obvious
> config.log -- assuming it was a leftover from autoconf, not scons.
> :P
> It looks like the problem is passing extralibs= on the command-line
> is not adding a "-L" to the paths added. In perl I would use
> map() but I'm not sure how to do it in python, so I did a loop. I
> would appreciate enlightment on the proper way to do this in
> python:
> # User-specified library search paths env['EXTRALIBS'] =
> env['ARGS'].get('extralibs', None) if env['EXTRALIBS']: extralibs =
> [] for lib in env['EXTRALIBS'].split(':'): extralibs = extralibs +
> [ '-L' + lib ] env['EXTRALIBS'] = extralibs env.pprint('CYAN','**
> extra library search paths for the project set
> to:',env['EXTRALIBS'])
I don't know if a related issue affects also mac. On windows there is
a problem that the config checks requires some additional include/lib
path, which will be added (too late) in win32/ It
seems that a little refactoring will be required. Does anyone has a
hint how to do ?

Regards Ralf

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