[Kde-bindings] Help start with MonoDevelop and Qyoto GUI

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Fri Feb 5 19:30:24 UTC 2010

It is in the openSUSE distro, but as part of the "mono-qt-devel" package
(which is the development tools for Mono Qt/Qyoto). Mono repos are
usually GTK#/Gnome centric, so you'll probably find it in the openSUSE
repo or a KDE build service repo (if you're using a non-standard version
of KDE).



On 04/02/10 21:21, Linuxoid Oz wrote:
> Thank you for your help.
> Where can I find the uics? It does not appear to be part of the openSUSE
> distro or mono repos.
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>     I'll throw in my insight as well, since I've been working on this
>     recently (since GTK# has such a horrible API for someone used to OO
>     programming). I might as well do something useful, rather than pestering
>     Arno and the others with questions and requests :)
>     On 04/02/10 17:45, Arno Rehn wrote:
>     > On Thursday 04 February 2010 12:43:01 linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au
>     </mc/compose?to=linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>     >> I found some tutorials on the net on how to write basic apps in
>     C# with
>     >> Qyoto and successfully built them in MonoDevelop - no problem. I am
>     >> wondering if you could please tell me how to
>     >>
>     >> 1. either convert .ui GUI files made in Qt Creator to C# for
>     re-use in
>     >> MonoDevelop
>     >> 2. or design GUI in MonoDevelop but use Qt (Qyoto) calls to GUI
>     widgets
>     > The only possibility is #1. The 'uics' command line tool will
>     create C# source
>     > files from .ui files. You also don't need to fire up Qt Creator
>     for designing
>     > UI's. The stand-alone app "designer" does the same.
>     As Arno said, just create .ui files and use the uics app to convert
>     them. I've written a tutorial about it following my initial experiences
>     with Qyoto. It is at http://ibboard.co.uk/Programming/using-qyoto.html
>     and hopefully it will help.
>     >
>     >> Is there any way to use a graphical GUI designer to make GUIs in
>     C# with
>     >> Qyoto (it took me 50 times to build & run a Hello World with a button
>     >> project just to move a single button to the place I wanted on the
>     window,
>     >> imagine what I have to do with a more complex interface)?
>     > Qt Designer, as stated above.
>     MonoDevelop already picks up the association with Qt Designer, so you
>     can do a right-click and "open with" anyway.
>     >
>     >> I've installed Qyotodevelop but I can't find it anywhere. What
>     does it do?
>     >> Where can I find it?
>     > It's a plugin for MonoDevelop, which automatically updates C#
>     source files
>     > from the .ui files. But it's unmaintained and horribly broken.
>     >
>     >
>     It is supposed to add a "Qyoto Project" template to the "New Projects"
>     dialog, but I find it only ever appears once and then never again.
>     It also used to create a separate pseudo-folder with your UI classes in,
>     much like the "User Interfaces" folder in GTK# projects. All that did
>     when it worked was hide the .ui files from you and auto-generate the C#
>     code on changes (like GTK# projects) rather than on build (like my
>     current set-up).
>     It would be good to have better Qyoto integration, but it is definitely
>     usable as it is. Unfortunately, the maintainer of Qyotodevelop thinks
>     that Qyoto is unstable and unmaintained (which it doesn't seem to be)
>     and so the best we have is a build I made in the openSUSE build service
>     that compiles against MD2.2 but which is still broken.
>     As Arno said, Qyotodevelop is basically broken and needs a rewrite, and
>     99% of the functionality can be recreated without it (and with more
>     accurately generated code) using the methods in my 'tutorial'.
>     Good luck :)
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