[Kde-bindings] RubberDoc 0.000001

Alexander Kellett lypanov at kde.org
Mon Jan 19 14:06:21 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 01:37:58PM +0000, Richard Dale wrote:
> Yes, I don't think it would take long. Just a matter of hacking the '-fjni' 
> kalyptus option to output ruby api/rdoc rather than java/javadoc. Less than a 
> week, maybe only a couple of days. It doesn't have to compile, just document 
> the kde api, and translate doc comment links into rdoc links with curly 
> brackets. We would have to 'pretend' that multiple inheritance was done via 
> mixins. Whenever a java interface was needed, as opposed to a class, then the 
> ruby docs would need a mixin.

thx very much for this explanation, after getting RubberDoc stable 
over the coming week i'll do this work on rdoc generation thing :)

> Well, we have rbuic. I had a look to see if it handled kde classes, and it 
> does, in uic.cpp:

yes true. my problem is that i just don't like qtdesigner at all :)

> I've got about half way through porting Germain's Qt Designer plugin, so I can 
> put that in the cvs when the time it right. And I have a kate ruby plugin 
> that someone wrote for KDE 2.0, I've nearly ported it but have about four 
> compile errors I couldn't fix.

neat. well, apart from the compile errors :)
shame that i'm a vim fanatic :)

> > also, when commiting i use the arch changelog as the cvs log,
> > so its easy to see exactly what was changed for any given file.
> OK, I won't have time to do anything until Wednesday or so this week, as I 
> need to sort out my accounts before the Inland Revenue shut me down :(.

damn :(

based on the input from david and yourself
i'm going to carry on developing in a local
arch repo but i'll write some quick scripts
to make syncing to kde cvs trivial.


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		-- Demosthenes

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