[Kde-bindings] Ann: Koala java bindings regenerated for KDE 3.2

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 14:49:16 UTC 2004

Hi All

Here's a summary of the improvements to the java bindings made for KDE 3.2. 
I'm not sure about the current status of juic tool - maybe Marco can comment 
on how that's going.

- Java bindings code generation by the 'kalyptus' tool completely rewritten 
	and greatly improved, with no manual edits or patches needed anymore.

- Improved the conversion of kdoc/doxygen comments to javadoc format. The 
	KDE 3.2 api, documentation and code snippets look excellent in javadoc.

- Operator methods are now converted, and named 'op_*', eg op_plus() for '+' 
	or op_write() for '<<'.

- Various friend functions in the global namespace, added as static methods 
	to the Qt or KDE classes. For instance, BarIconSet() is now a static method
	KDE.BarIconSet(), and bitBlt() is Qt.bitBlt().

- For C++ methods with default args, all the possible java methods are 	
	generated. Before only the variant with the least, and the variant with the 
	most args was generated.

- Added many new classes such as KMdi*. Removed the midi classes.

- Updated the Qt and KDE example programs to work with the current bindings

- Non const string arguments are correctly converted to StringBuffers, and 
	ordinary immutable QString args are still java Strings.

- The code for boolean[] and int[] arg types is now generated correctly

- More virtual method callbacks are generated than before. All methods of 
	type 'void foo(void)', 'bool foo(void)' and 'void foo(someobject)' in
	QObject instances now have callbacks. You can subclass and override event
	handlers, or standard kde 'hooks' such as KMainWindow.queryClose().

- C++ methods which were not converted, are added to the java source as
	comments, flagged with a '<<<< NOT CONVERTED' label

- Deprecated methods marked KDE_DEPRECATED or with a @deprecated comment tag,
	are skipped.

- A great number of compile warnings in the generated code have been 

-- Richard

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