[Kde-announce-apps] httpremote_amarok 0.0.8

Matthias Prinke matthias.prinke at surfeu.de
Wed Dec 27 11:45:42 CET 2006

Name: httpremote_amarok
Version: 0.0.8
Type: Amarok Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 httpremote_amarok serves as a remote control and
status display
based on a web browser. The browser may run on the
machine as amaroK, on another desktop machine or -
makes most sense - on a smart phone/PDA/web
connected via wireless network interface (e.g.
Bluetooth, WLAN,
or IrDA).

 * Version 0.0.1 (26-03-2006)
  - Initial Release

* Version 0.0.2 (27-03-2006)
  - Added playlist display and title selection
from playlist

* Version 0.0.3 (02-04-2006)
  - Added configuration GUI
  - Re-implemented playlist handling with

* Version 0.0.4 (09-04-2006)
  - Added context page
  - Added link to current title on playlist page

* Version 0.0.5 (10-04-2006)
  - Fixed "address already in use" issue - now you
should get an error only
if the address/port pair really is already used
(and not if the connection
is just waiting to close).

* Version 0.0.6 (15-04-2006)
  - Improved and extended configuration GUI
  - Fixed "togglebox:"/"album:" links on the
context page

* Version 0.0.7 (19-10-2006)
  - Fixed generation of empty playlist page due to
<item disabled="true" ...> in playlist XML
  - Cleaned up generated HTML code
* Version 0.0.8 (27-12-2006)
  - Fixed syntax in Perl/Tk GUI

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