[Kde-announce-apps] KScannerButtons 0.9.4

Jean-Christophe Cardot jice at cardot.net
Wed Dec 27 18:24:55 CET 2006

Name: KScannerButtons
Version: 0.9.4
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
Homepage: http://cardot.net/KScannerButtons/
More Info:

 KScannerButtons is composed of a daemon plus an
optional KDE frontend for monitoring your scanner
buttons so that actions can be taken in response
to button presses, like:
- on touch copy
- email a scanned document
- run kooka
- scan & run the gimp (or krita)

It's composed of a daemon (sanebuttond), a
frontend that will display an icon in the systray
and a dialog box to configure and launch the

It is based on the button monitoring capabilities
found in some SANE backends. The front-end is
developped using Kommander.

It has been tested with the avision backend and an
HP 5300C scanner. It may work with other backends
also. Please report your experiences!

 0.9.4: Fixed the broken default actions created
at first run. Note: if you need to reset the
default actions, remove the section
[/usr/local/bin/KScannerButtons.kmdr] (and entries
below) in ~/.kde/share/config/kommanderrc with
your favorite text editor.
Fixed the broken KScannerButtons.desktop launcher.

0.9.3: Some more bug fixes (test mode was no more
working since 0.9.2). Enhancement of the test
buttons script.

0.9.2: Finished the replacement of obsoleted
Kommander APIs.
When run using ksystraycmd, there was a bug in the
generated script. nothing happened when pressing a
button. fixed.
Add a --script-arg command line switch to the
daemon sanebuttond in order to pass additional
arguments to the script. This is used by
KScannerButtons to pass its dcop id. Better
default sanebuttonsd.sh script

0.9.1: Little bug fix for those who had a more
recent version of KDE than mine (replaced
obsoleted APIs: addListItem(s) replaced by
insertItem(s)). Also, the default 'one-touch copy'
action was not actually printing, but saving into
a postscript file. This has been fixed. 

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