[Kde-announce-apps] MobileRemoteSE 0.1

Arijit De qoolpro at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 27 04:23:14 CET 2006

Name: MobileRemoteSE
Version: 0.1
Type: Amarok Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 MobileRemoteSE 0.1

A light (non-Java), serial-over-bluetooth-based
remote control for Amarok.
Uses the Sony Ericsson AT command set, and
supports the following Sony Ericsson phone models:
K750, W800, Z520, W550, W600, W900, W810, Z530,
W300, K510, K310, W700, Z525, W710, Z550, Z558,

Copyright (C) Arijit De, 2006. Distributed under
the terms of the GNU GPL 2.
Please mail bugs/suggestions to .

Features :-
+ Appears under "Entertainment" menu on the phone.
+ Supports Play/Pause, Next, Prev, Stop, Volume
Up/Down operations from mobile phone.
+ Displays the current running track on Amarok in
the phone menu title.
+ Since J2ME is not used (unlike some other
alternatives), the remote control can be used
while running some other application on
non-multitasking models.

Instructions :-
1) Bind /dev/rfcomm0 to the serial-over-bluetooth
channel of your mobile. Please refer to your
distro docs or howtos on the internet to find out
how to do this.
2)	Install Device::Modem package for Perl. You can
either use your distro	packages for this, or
install through CPAN as:
		cpan -i Device::Modem
3) Install and start script from Amarok.


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