[Kde-accessibility] System Bell

Peter Grasch peter at grasch.net
Mon Jan 5 14:56:05 UTC 2015


> Being primarily a GNOME/MATE screen reader user, I may be way off base here, but there are some cases where I still hear a system bell, which is generally replaced by a sound when using Pulseaudio.
The very fact that the actual system bell is “generally replaced” means we’re talking about something better suited for a “normal” notification.
The examples you mentioned are good indicators: There is no upside (that I can see) for these being system bell events instead of notifications. However, there is the big downside of having to maintain a completely different means of notification delivery.

> I can see where a visual system bell replacement would be important to deaf users in the same way, although they are probably better able to see cursors and such. Still, there are some bell alerts that may not be immediately apparent without some sort of visual feedback.
If the events that are now system bell events would become notifications, then they can easily have visual component as well. Actually the very fact of moving them to the notification system means that they can then be configured through the usual notification settings.

All in all: Big +1 on Frederik’s proposal.

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