[Kde-accessibility] [Accessibility-atspi] Re: Accessible objects without Atk dependencies

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Mar 30 12:13:18 CEST 2006

[ Bill Haneman ]
> The above solutions mean that explicit GNOME API is kept out of the KDE
> ATs, and the GNOME libs are only pulled in through linking.  With some
> clever use of dynamic loading or module preloading the dependencies
> could be made entirely runtime-optional.

This is an interesting approach. We would only use a small part fo the AT-SPI 
functionality, so we could have some very simple DBUS-based fallback solution 
if ATSPI is not installed (without claiming to fork AT-SPI itself).

> It would require a lot of proxying/wrapping and at least one new daemon
> to relay information bidiretionally between AT-SPI/CORBA and
> AT-SPI-CLONE/DBUS; it's not the best way to ensure interoperability.

The deamon would not need to be bidirectional, because we can use the Qt-ATK 
bridge for the other direction. And it would not need to bridge the whole 
AT-SPI functionality to DBUS, only the few functions that we need.

> Of the two options, the python approach looks cleaner to me.

I agree, but some of the applications already exist as C++ code.


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