[Kde-accessibility] Teaching KDE your keyboard functions

pyrenaien at gmx.de pyrenaien at gmx.de
Sun Mar 5 23:20:06 CET 2006


The general situation with Linux is that your input device is seldom
specifically detected. Because of the lack of Linux support from the
manufacturers, it would be very useful to compensate this by specifically
telling your KDE system what kind of mouse or keyboard you are using.
More precisely, I'm thinking of a detection system. It asks you for pressing
keys of your keyboard and your mouse and for assigning, if necessary,
additional functions to them. It could be just like as easy as customizing
your shortcuts within OpenOffice. Most of the keyboards you can buy today
have a lot of special functions. But because a driver of your input device
only exists for Windows, you often have to do without these functions. It
would be a great improvement for KDE (and its competitiveness) in general to
have such a "customizable input driver".


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