[Kde-accessibility] KTTS KD4 Roadmap

Gary Cramblitt garycramblitt at comcast.net
Sat Mar 4 19:16:11 CET 2006

Here's the plan (mostly mine) for KDE Text-to-Speech (KTTS) under KDE4.  
Comments, criticisms, corrections, etc. invited.


Also downloadable:

http://accessibility.kde.org/developer/kttsd/roadmap.pdf (259K)
http://accessibility.kde.org/developer/kttsd/roadmap.odf (29K)

In addition, I have updated the page in my sig with info concerning eSpeak, 
IBM TTS, and Cepstral.

Gary Cramblitt (aka PhantomsDad)
KDE Text-to-Speech Maintainer

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