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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Wed Jul 16 21:39:36 CEST 2003

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[Maksim Orlovich]
> > It would really surprise me if there are things that are impossible
> > with AT-SPI. Anyway, which are the features you are speaking of?
> See the discussion about mouse grabs at the end of this.
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-accessibility&m=105767223414005&w=2
> I might have missed something of course.

I agree with Gunnar that this indeed needs to be solved. But I would 
prefer a clean solution in the API itself, similar the the way key 
presses get broadcasted in AT-SPI.

I will send a mail to the GNOME list concerning this to have it added to 
AT-SPI. QAccessibleInterface will also need this.

> And note that we could potentially design our own features, like
> in-place widget zooming/change of look, etc., that are trivial to do
> with Qt, but might not even be possible for Gtk.

Hmm, such a feature might be better placed in an accessibility widget 
style or in kdelibs than in external assistive technologies.

I am not sure which users you have in mind for this particular feature, 
but anyway, why is this zoom function more important than making 
Klaviatura work with statically linked Qt applications and (if a bridge 
is used) even apps that use ATK?

I don't want tie assistive technologies for KDE to Gtk, I hope we can do 
all with two native APIs and clean bridges.


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