[Kde-accessibility] Re: Qt Accessibility

Maks Orlovich mo002j at mail.rochester.edu
Wed Jul 16 20:12:44 CEST 2003

> > And note that we could potentially design our own features, like
> > in-place widget zooming/change of look, etc., that are trivial to do
> > with Qt, but might not even be possible for Gtk.
> Hmm, such a feature might be better placed in an accessibility widget
> style or in kdelibs than in external assistive technologies.

Nope. A style can't interact with the user or make decisions; at least not 
without considerable ugliness which would probably cause most style people 
(including myself) to complain. (What I was thinking of was dynamically  
changing a style for an individual widget if needed for an aide). 

> I am not sure which users you have in mind for this particular feature,

I am not really having anything in particular in mind. Just one of those 
"something like this could potentially be useful in the future, so let's use 
it as an example", things. Of course, we can't really know everything that 
can be useful. That's why it's important to leave multiple entrances. 
Especially if the major one will be largely controlled by a 3rd party 
potentially limited in its flexibility by corporate sponsorship, and how, 
although doing its best and being as helpful as it can be, might not be able 
to do everything that's needed, nor could reasonably be expected to.

> but anyway, why is this zoom function more important than making
> Klaviatura work with statically linked Qt applications and (if a bridge
> is used) even apps that use ATK?

It's not, since it's a silly example. But what is more important -- having an 
accessibility aide that can help group X of people, even if only using pure 
KDE applications, or no application at all, because it's constrained to use a 
cross-desktop framework which misses a key feature F no person could have 
been expected to see the need for?

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