[Kbabel] Subversion 1.4 support for KBabel catalogmanager

Stephan Johach lucardus at onlinehome.de
Sat Dec 16 13:47:08 CET 2006


Am Freitag, 15. Dezember 2006 21:43 schrieb Hasso Tepper:
> Attached patch implements subversion 1.4 support for catalogmanager. It's
> only briefly tested in my laptop which only has 1.4, so I don't really
> know whether older versions still work, but they should. It's quickly
> hacked together during some hours and I don't have really time to polish
> it, but I think that idea is correct (parsing "svn status -v --xml"
> output) and any solution is better at the moment than no solution. If
> someone wants to improve/fix/etc it, feel free.
> Thanks goes to my coworker for kicking my ass ("It can do XML, man!!!")
> and to the Sebastian Trueg for lovely app (k3b) and for OutputCollector
> class I borrowed from it.
> If patch gets more testing and no objections, I can take care of
> committing it. Patch is against 3.5 branch of course.

Many thanks! 

I do not have svn 1.4 installed but applied the patch
to test against my svn 1.2.x files. 

I changed a translation file and checked it in with catalogmanager. 
No problems until now. Seems to work with older svn versions.


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