[Kbabel] Full Gettext support in KBabel

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Fri Oct 21 19:09:07 CEST 2005

On Thursday 20 October 2005 22:52, Chusslove Illich wrote:
> > [: Nicolas Goutte :]
> > Okay, to avoid further misunderstanding: you mean that in KDE4's l10n
> > module all will be in today's Gettext format (with Gettext context and
> > Gettext plural).
> I didn't really think about organization at that point, just that KDE 4.0
> code shouldn't have any trace of handling obsolete PO format.
> As for the organization, I would say on the contrary: l10n should contain
> obsolete PO format. New xgettext extracts messages into new POT format,
> then our special script converts it into obsolete POT format, and puts
> that in l10n/templates. Translators go about happily, as nothing has
> changed, filling their respective directories with obsolete POs. However,
> upon installation, one would have to run the script to get new POs from
> obsolete ones, and only then send it to msgfmt.

But then why use the new xgettext at all? We can continue with our patched 
version, as there will be no gain.

(Scripty's computer i18n.kde.org works with Debian, Before Debian will have 
the newest xgettext version it will last decades (Okay, good, just 
years. ;-) )

So there must be a strong advantage to compile a new version of Gettext. If 
there is not any, there is no use of it.

> This conversion calamity loses some point if KBabel 3.5 series can easily
> be made into cooperation with new PO format, but it does allow many older
> KBabels to be used.

Yes, I think it would be the cleanest solution if possible. It would let KDE4 
choose its way depending on the real needs. The current KBabel code forces 
KDE4 to remain in its old KDe3 habit for PO handling.

Have a nice day!

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