[Kbabel] Syntax highlighting

Stanislav Visnovsky visnovsky at kde.org
Wed Nov 2 08:40:22 CET 2005

Dňa Utorok 01 November 2005 20:49 Bozidar Proevski napísal:
> Hello to all
> I'm interested if there is a way to configure the syntax highlighting
> capabilities of KBabel. I'm currently translating the help files of
> OpenOffice and there are some escape characters that KBabel doesn't know
> about. So tags are not colored blue or escaped characters colored green
> etc. I found a line [Tags] inside kbabel.defauiltproject (and the OO prject
> I'm working on) and tried to modify it, but it didn't work. Below is a
> sample string. Any help is very appreciated.

Yes, the tags config items are used only for the tag handling capabilities in 
the editor (insert next tag, etc).


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