[Kalzium] Use of spectra images in Wikipedia

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Sun Dec 28 11:17:05 CET 2008

Am Sunday 28 December 2008 07:34:16 schrieb Daniel Mayer:
> Greetings - I'm the founder of WikiProject Elements on the English
> Wikipedia, We would like to use your spectra images in our element articles
> (in all languages) but need to know what license and terms those images can
> be used under. I assume the images are under a free license especially
> since the underlying data are public domain (not to mention Kalcium is free
> software). I searched your list archives and could not find an answer...

The pictures are generated, I (well, Kalzium) draws them! Therefore you can of 
course use them. I have no clue about licences, but I am fine with any free 
licence and integration within Wikipedia.

> Full credit will be given to the Kalcium project on the image description
> pages for the spectra images.

I am again not sure here, but I guess that you don't even need to do this as 
you'd basically take screenshots of an application.

> BTW, we should collaborate on sharing data and images.

All data cames from BlueObelisk:


It has already been discussed if it is possible to share data, I am not sure 
about the status... Shortversion: Kalzium doesn't have any (own) data, all we 
use is a local copy of BlueObelisk which is synced every KDE release.


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