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Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 28 22:04:46 CET 2008

Thanks for such a fast response! Given that Kalcium is under the GPL and the Blue Obelisk data are under the MIT license, I think the below formulation might work best on Commons (the Wikimedia media repository):

Say that the copyright of the underlying data are under the MIT license and that the copyright of the rendered images are under the GPL and MIT licenses.
Meaning, that each spectra image on Commons will display both of the below templates:

Of course, that assumes that the data and images are copyrightable in the first place. IANAL so I'll ask around on Commons to find the best formulation. We must specify the source of media and data (even when it is public domain), so the Kalcium project and Blue Obelisk will get credited no matter what. 

I'll have to dig into Blue Obelisk to get the original reference info for the emission spectra. While I'm there I'll think about the data sharing idea to see if we can help provide Blue Obelisk with more data that Kalcium could then draw on. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at the Commons periodic table to see is you can use any of our images:

example elements

-- Daniel  

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Am Sunday 28 December 2008 07:34:16 schrieb Daniel Mayer:
> Greetings - I'm the founder of WikiProject Elements on the English
> Wikipedia, We would like to use your spectra images in our element articles
> (in all languages) but need to know what license and terms those images can
> be used under. I assume the images are under a free license especially
> since the underlying data are public domain (not to mention Kalcium is free
> software). I searched your list archives and could not find an answer...

The pictures are generated, I (well, Kalzium) draws them! Therefore you can of 
course use them. I have no clue about licences, but I am fine with any free 
licence and integration within Wikipedia.

> Full credit will be given to the Kalcium project on the image description
> pages for the spectra images.

I am again not sure here, but I guess that you don't even need to do this as 
you'd basically take screenshots of an application.

> BTW, we should collaborate on sharing data and images.

All data cames from BlueObelisk:


It has already been discussed if it is possible to share data, I am not sure 
about the status... Shortversion: Kalzium doesn't have any (own) data, all we 
use is a local copy of BlueObelisk which is synced every KDE release.


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