[FreeNX-kNX] PPC Linux NX Client?

Gregory Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Thu Mar 13 16:05:27 UTC 2008

Well, it looks as though Alastair pointed out what is required quite 

I do not have this information in the README file I got from the 
download link that was posted.

I am somewhat surprised how you took that comment below as a review of 
the software.

I simply did not have the link to the sources, otherwise I would have 
took the time to build it.

In the future, you might want to take a look at how Alastair replied to 
my Email.

It was very helpful.


Emmanuel Blindauer wrote:
> Le jeudi 13 mars 2008, Gregory Carter a écrit :
>> Yeah, you are not going to be using make utils to compile it.
>> I downloaded it and it appears to be some sort of IDE config.
>> I instantly thought it was Kdevelop, so I tried loading that up but the
>> project file I think is for qmake.
>> I do not like the fact that it would appear that this client uses closed
>> free binaries from nx.
>> I could be wrong, but although the library is free from NX, you do not
>> get the source code.
>> When we are talking about such basic things as connecting people
>> remotely to services, through a computer network, I like to have the
>> source code to audit everything.
>> Since I did not see a source rpm for the nx libs, I didn't bother
>> figuring out how to build it.
>> -gc
> Such bashing have nothing to do on a public list, where people are involved 
> on open source programs:
> * NX libs are free and open source
> * qtnx is a great nx client, free and opensource.
> * freenx is free and opensource.
> If you don't understand Georges advices to compile qtnx, if you aren't able 
> to look the nomachine website to download the sources ( with 2 clicks from 
> the website), if you can't read the doc, you aren't ready for using open 
> source programs.
> Emmanuel

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