[FreeNX-kNX] ANNOUNCE: qtnx/nxcl 0.9 (freenx-client-0.9)

George Wright gwright at kde.org
Tue Mar 11 01:47:05 UTC 2008

This is an announcement for the first beta version of my NX client, qtnx, 
based on my and Seb James' nxcl client library. You will need nxssh and 
nxproxy (and nxwin if using Windows) from NoMachine and their appropriate 

This is a source-only release due to lack of time on my part, but it should be 
buildable on Windows, OS X and Linux.

The release tarball can be obtained from 

md5sum: 777b3cda7a245e3870d4870a9460cb73  freenx-client-0.9.tar.bz2



George Wright, http://www.gwright.org.uk
KDE Developer - http://www.kde.org
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