Manage front / back side of photos

Olivier Croquette ocroquette at
Tue May 16 07:33:32 BST 2023

On 15/05/2023 23:51, Paula wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I also recently scanned a large pile of old photos and encountered the 
> same problem. And I have tried several things to keep front and back 
> of a photo together.
> What I ended up doing is:
> Name the photo eg.:
> DATENAME_01 (= front)
> DATENAME_02 (= back)

As a side note: it would be nice if the automatic grouping by name would 
realize that they belong together, but unfortunately, it looks like it 
is not possible to customize the matching algorithm.

Automatic grouping by date/time will not work either.

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