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Paula ptbrink at
Mon May 15 22:51:42 BST 2023

 Hi Robert,
I also recently scanned a large pile of old photos and encountered the same problem. And I have tried several things to keep front and back of a photo together.
What I ended up doing is:Name the photo eg.:DATENAME_01 (= front) DATENAME_02 (= back)
and then added an extra tag named "back of photo" to  DATENAME_02. This way I can choose to filter the "back of photo" out of a selection or leave it in. And when I sort the items by Name it stays together.
But I am still not certain that this is the way to do it.

    Op dinsdag 2 mei 2023 om 14:46:20 CEST schreef Robert Sneyer <franks461 at>:  
 Hi mailinglist!

I'm archiving a batch of old photos with handwritten comments on the back 
After a scan of both sides I end up with something like:

What could be the best way to effectively handle a collection like this and 
keep the corresponding files together?

* grouping for front & back?
* multipage tiffs?
* ...

Any thoughts?


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