Several problematic user stories

Jonathan Kamens jik at
Fri Mar 31 18:02:48 BST 2023

Today while doing a lot of face-tagging I've encountered several 
problematic user stories in digiKam which I thought I would share in the 
hope that improvements can be made.

1) I was looking at unconfirmed faces for the people in one of my 
albums, and I accidentally clicked the minus ("reject this suggestion") 
instead of the checkmark ("accept this suggestion") for one of them. The 
photo immediately disappeared from the thumbnails of unconfirmed photos, 
as it should. But here's the thing... I can't find any way to undo this. 
I have no idea where the photo went or how to find it.

When I do something to a photo by accident which /modifies/ the photo, 
then as a workaround I can run a "find" on my pictures directory to look 
for recently modified photos and then search for the file name of the 
photo I want to get it back. But rejecting a face suggestion doesn't 
modify the photo, it just modifies the database, so I can't use that 
workaround. Basically that face is now in limbo: I know who it is, but I 
don't know how to find the photo in digiKam so I can tag it. I have 
thousands of unconfirmed and unknown faces, so it's not a simple matter.

2) Again reviewing suggested people, I double-click on a photo to switch 
to preview mode to get a closer look to figure out whether it is indeed 
the suggested person. It turns out it's not, but there are several 
people in the photo and I know who they are, so I start tagging them. 
Part-way through that I get to the person who was suggested, and I tag 
them with the correct person's name (not the suggestion), and the photo 
immediately disappears.  I'm going to argue that once I've opened a 
photo in preview mode it shouldn't disappear even when it's no longer in 
the collection I opened it from. It shouldn't go away until you switch 
back to thumbnail mode.

3) I encountered a photo with a suggested face which was rotated 
incorrectly. The suggestion was correct. I opened the photo in preview 
mode and rotated it, but then the face regions weren't right so I told 
it to clear the faces so I could rescan for and rerecognize faces. As 
above, the photo immediately disappeared. Solution is same as above: a 
photo shouldn't disappear in preview mode just because it's no longer in 
the collection it was opened from.

4) digiKam suggests a face tag for someone which is incorrect, and in 
fact the suggested person is a different person in the same photo. With 
that photo thumbnail selected, if you click the minus to reject the 
suggestion, the photo moves from where it was in the suggested section 
to the confirmed section for the same person, and your scrolling jumps 
with it. I don't think you should scroll like that; I think either the 
photo should be unselected when it moves, or the selection should move 
to the next photo in the suggested photos section.

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