Import pictures from PC folder into Digikam album

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at
Fri Mar 31 08:42:26 BST 2023

On 31/03/2023 00:47, Darren wrote:
> I have searched the documentation, FAQs and the last few months of the 
> Digikam-users archives to find the answer but I couldn't, hence this thread.
> I am trying to import pictures from a PC folder (all pictures in the one 
> temp folder - this is a copy of my DCIM folder from my phone) into my 
> Digikam collection/album which is stored in another PC folder with 
> year/month/date subfolder structure. I only have one album.
> The problem is that I have to browse to my temp folder ***every*** time 
> I import "add images". I am sure that some time ago in the browse window 
> I had 2 pre-selected folders in the left hand side. Now I only have one. 
> I think it might have been a "camera folder" but disappeared when I 
> deleted my camera folders (which are PC folders and not real cameras). I 
> would like to add my temp folder to the list of pre-defined folders so 
> that I don't have to browse into a fairly nested folder structure.

I suspect that this is a Windows issue for you, not a digiKam one. I 
think you need to add your temp folder as a favourite in File Explorer ( 
or whatever its called these days). Sorry but I cannot help you with the 
details of that as I am using Linux for my desktop, but I am sure the 
internet will provide now that you have some idea on what to look for.


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