[digiKam-users] Copy file path and name to clipboard from thumbs view

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 06:53:18 GMT 2023

Hi all,

The copy and paste in digiKam is based on the QClipBoard class from Qt :


In the album view, we take the item urls and we share the data to the
clipboard as text list. It's a very simple mechanism.

- paste into GEdit : https://i.imgur.com/1UF93ej.png
- paste into VIM: https://i.imgur.com/SeGJLZ4.png
- paste into Kate : https://i.imgur.com/eltQHZ4.png

Note : the same mechanism is used with drag and drop...

Gilles Caulier

Le mar. 7 mars 2023 à 06:06, Shel Ritter <shelritterbmw at yahoo.com> a écrit :
> Hey Robert ,
> I was interested in seeing how people might respond to this question. I was surprised at Gilles's answer as I've never seen an option to copy an image file path in my older v7.3.0,  wondering if it was a feature added in a newer build. I'm running it in Windows 7 and that 'Copy' menu option does just copy the image as would be expected. When I want to get the actual path to a file, I right-click a thumbnail and select the 'Open In File Manager' menu option which brings up Windows Explorer at the folder that contains the file. I would think Linux would bring up whatever file manager you have installed.
> Shel
> On 3/6/2023 9:31 AM, plowmail2010 at gmail.com wrote:
> Windows 7 64-bit
> digiKam 7.9.0
>   Build date: 12/3/2022 2:49 PM (target: RelWithDebInfo)
>   Revision: 99d199a7ebc10fae20afffc316ce34815f7d1c9d
>   Branch: HEAD
> Thanks, Gilles, but selecting a thumbnail and copy/paste into a text editor or Paint produces nothing.
> Pasting onto the Windows desktop or into Windows Explorer produces a copy of the image's file.
> Same result with copy/paste outside digiKam: select a file name in Windows Explorer or Xplorer2, copy/paste into text editor or Paint produces nothing.  Pastes the file OK onto the desktop or into Windows Explorer.
> Pasting into GIMP produced the message "There is no image data in the clipboard...".
> Does the copy/paste work in linux?
> Is this a peculiarity of the clipboard in Windows 7?
> Robert DiGrazia

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