[digiKam-users] Remote access or app?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Wed Mar 1 22:02:40 GMT 2023

Randy Wolf <randy.wolf at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Is anyone aware of a method to remotely access your digikam collection?
> I'm imagining a plugin that runs locally and a mobile app to securely
> connect, giving you remote access to search and browse etc.
I run Digikam on my desktop machine at home and on my laptop that
travels with me.  I simply synchronise the two installations of
Digikam using syncthing.  Obviously I need to be sure I'm not running
Digikam on both at the same time but, as I can't be in two places at
once that's fairly unlikely.

It does mean I need enough space for my images on the laptop as well
as on my desktop machine but disk space is cheap nowadays and it also
means I have two copies of everything.  I can edit/update images on
either machine and it's automatically transferred to the other, within
seconds usally even when I'm away from home.  If the laptop is
off-line or powered down then everything gets synchronised when it's
turned back on.  The home desktop is always on as it's my mail server,
among other things.

I like syncthing! :-)

(I do run proper, incremental backups of everything as well, I don't
regard the above as a backup)

Chris Green

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