Still having some problems getting started again.

Budge ajebay at
Sun Aug 6 16:03:18 BST 2023

First many thanks for the replies and the link to the new documentation.  Old paper V5 edition going to paper recycling and many thanks to all for the very significant work done on update the manual.  Brilliant but I have much to read!!!

My second question concerns my present subscription to this list.  I have received the DigiKam-users Digest regularly since I re-subscribed about a year ago with Vol 207, Issue 28.  Suddenly things have changed and the last two Issues, numbers 9 and 10 were directed to my spam folder.  Since I have not changed anything at my end can anybody tell me how to correct this please?

Referring to my earlier post concerning access I had been trying to find a forum website similar to the forum used by openSUSE ( or OSMC (  I have the Digests but wish to have a thread to which I can respond and none of the links I have been sent works as I was hoping.  I may be getting senile but perhaps somebody can put me right.

Finally and getting down to working with digiKam, although the binaries are available from the openSUSE repo site, the version there is only v7 and I see there is an up to date AppImage available so I am using that and starting to build my system.  This all may be too complicated but I do most of my work on two different workstations and have been thinking of storage of my raw picture data and the working database so that I can move reasonably effortlessly between machines.

My picture data are stored on a dedicated directory which is saved on pCloud and synced to the same directories on both workstations. The sync is only enabled when necessary if any changes are made to the raw data for example adding new pictures.  The sync is not permanently enabled to prevent disasters!

What I am thinking is to have the database on a NAS connected by NFS links to both workstations, which all are on the same private subnet, so that either workstation can work on the data.

Is this a reasonable plan before I get any further?   I am sure organisations must use something similar to enable groups to work together but my needs are much more modest.  I would be grateful for advice and comments please.

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