Still having some problems getting started again.

Chris Green cl at
Sun Aug 6 17:03:51 BST 2023

Budge <ajebay at> wrote:
> Referring to my earlier post concerning access I had been trying to find 
> a forum website similar to the forum used by openSUSE ( 
> or OSMC (  I have the Digests but wish to have a thread 
> to which I can respond and none of the links I have been sent works as 
> I was hoping.  I may be getting senile but perhaps somebody can put me 
> right. 
If you change from digests to individual mails then the threads are
all there for you, all you need is a decent MUA (mail client) that
handles threads properly. I also have a filter program to deliver my
mail so that (for example) Digikam mails all arrive in their own

> Finally and getting down to working with digiKam, although the binaries 
> are available from the openSUSE repo site, the version there is only v7 
> and I see there is an up to date AppImage available so I am using that 
> and starting to build my system.  This all may be too complicated but I 
> do most of my work on two different workstations and have been thinking 
> of storage of my raw picture data and the working database so that I can 
> move reasonably effortlessly between machines. 
I use the AppImage too, on two Ubuntu systems.

> My picture data are stored on a dedicated directory which is saved on pCloud 
> and synced to the same directories on both workstations. The sync is only 
> enabled when necessary if any changes are made to the raw data for example 
> adding new pictures.  The sync is not permanently enabled to prevent disasters! 
I synchronise between my two systems (one a desktop, the other a
laptop) using syncthing, there's no cloud involved.  (files are backed
up as well but that's a different thing).  I have syncthing running
all the time so synchronisation happens as/when I make changes.  I
don't run Digikam on both systems at the same time of course.

> What I am thinking is to have the database on a NAS connected by NFS links 
> to both workstations, which all are on the same private subnet, so that 
> either workstation can work on the data. 
I simply let each system have its own database and this seems to work
fine.  All I synchronise between the two systems is the album hierarchy.

Chris Green

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