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Le mar. 1 août 2023 à 21:07, jason bechtel
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> Hello Digikam,
> I love the work you guys have done! You have really done a great job!
> I wanted to give some feedback and also ask about improvements
> - Look & Feel - Are there any plans or work on the look and layout of Digikam? it has improved greatly over the years, I was hoping that could continue. I have some examples here.
> They have a great layout and look and feel. it feels good to use. Also, Adobe has a great layout.
> I am mentioning this because I want other people to not feel confused when using Digikam, and i am not saying it is but I just want to improve more.

We have reports in bugzilla about ergonomy topic. They will be
processed when time permit anf if changes are not too much intrusive..

> - database setup - is there any easier way to set up the database on a server/NAS? I am still struggling with this part. I am not the most tech-savvy guy here.

All the processes to set up the database are well explained in the
online documentation. The most simple is SQLite. A remote
Mysql/Mariabdb database is more complex.

> - Transcriptions -
> I know Digikam has and is improving on the ai stuff and it would be so amazing to include video/audio transcriptions to Digikam also! there is a great solution for this I wanted to share with you all.
> This could run on the local device. this is to make it all audio/video with audio, searchable via keywords.
> Also, have you looked at ?
> They have a lot of great features to inspire you with!

This kind of wishes must be reported to bugzilla.

Best regards

Gilles Caulier

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