adding caption in BQM

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Fri Apr 28 14:09:24 BST 2023

Hi remco

thanks for your reply
I have checked  that I only use x-defaults
I have added a caption "Audierne" (with x-defaults)  from the caption 
menu (right sidebar) to be the original caption
Now I have added a new caption ("test")  from the assign caption in the 
BQM using x-defaults , the overwrite option is not set , and the result 
I see in the caption of the generated file is "tset" for x-defaults and 
the original one is also missing

strange isn't it ?


Le 28/04/2023 à 10:35, Remco Viëtor a écrit :
> On vendredi 28 avril 2023 10:22:57 CEST frederic chaume wrote:
>> Hi all
> (...)
>> also I see there is language selection, what is the purpose here ? from
>> what I see, depending on the language , I don't see the same result in
>> the caption
> tl;dr: you can enter multiple versions of a caption. Make sure you always have
> a version for "x-default".
> long version:
> Several fields, like caption and title, allow you to add translations or
> versions for different languages. You choose which version to edit with the
> language selection box.
> The "funny codes" you see there are standardised and used by applications to
> pick the preferred version for the user. The same codes are also used when you
> set up your desktop to select interface language, decimal separators, etc.
> They may also influence the writing direction!
> If a requested version doesn't exits, the "x-default" version is used, which
> is why it should always be present. If it's not present, *nothing* will be
> displayed if the requested language version isn't found...
> Remco

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