adding caption in BQM

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at
Fri Apr 28 09:35:41 BST 2023

On vendredi 28 avril 2023 10:22:57 CEST frederic chaume wrote:
> Hi all
> also I see there is language selection, what is the purpose here ? from
> what I see, depending on the language , I don't see the same result in
> the caption

tl;dr: you can enter multiple versions of a caption. Make sure you always have 
a version for "x-default".

long version:
Several fields, like caption and title, allow you to add translations or 
versions for different languages. You choose which version to edit with the 
language selection box.

The "funny codes" you see there are standardised and used by applications to 
pick the preferred version for the user. The same codes are also used when you 
set up your desktop to select interface language, decimal separators, etc. 
They may also influence the writing direction!

If a requested version doesn't exits, the "x-default" version is used, which 
is why it should always be present. If it's not present, *nothing* will be 
displayed if the requested language version isn't found...


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